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Rates & Tariffs

What's a Tariff?

Tariffs are open contracts between public utilities and the general public filed with the Public Service Commission. They outline the terms and conditions of providing utility service to the public including rates, fees and charges.


Our Tariffs

The documents listed here explain Mountaineer Gas Company's tariffs for various types of accounts. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.


Rules and Regulations

Local Tax Surcharge

Residential Service (Schedule RS)

General Service (Schedule GS)

Large General Service (Schedule LGS)

Wholesale Service (Schedule WS)

Industrial Service (Schedule IS)

Large Industrial Service (Schedule LIS)

General Transportation Service (Schedule GTS)

Special Contract Program (Schedule SCP)

Buy Sell Arrangement (Schedule BSA)

Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Service (Schedule NGV)

Infrastructure Replacement and Expansion Program (Schedule IREP)



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