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Keep Your Family Safe

• Teach family members what to do if they smell natural gas.

• Remind your children not to play on or around natural gas meters and other equipment.

• Please keep your outside natural gas meter and attached equipment clear of ice buildup and snow. Do not melt or chip the ice away or use a shovel to scrape it off. A broom makes a handy tool to gently clear the natural gas meter.

• Remove icicles from the roof or gutters that hang over the natural gas meter. Dripping water can cause freezing and damage the natural gas meter and equipment.

• Don't leash pets to natural gas meters.

• Never hang things from natural gas pipes in your home.

• Never use your kitchen range or oven as a space heater. This can damage the oven and produce carbon monoxide gas.


Other Safety Tips

• Keep at least one approved, dry chemical fire extinguisher in your kitchen in case of a fire. In an emergency, you also can use baking soda, salt, or a large metal lid to extinguish a fire on your stove. Never use flour or sugar to try to extinguish a fire!

• Use non-flammable holiday decorations and place them at least three feet from heating vents.

• Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year. An easy way to remember is to test them when you change your clocks for Daylight Saving Time in the spring, and again when you set them back in the fall.




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