Budget Payment Plan

Budget Payment Plan

Level out your energy bill

Some household expenses are fairly steady throughout the year, but your gas bill varies from month-to month because your gas usage fluctuates with the changing seasons. We can’t do anything about the weather but we can make it easier to ride the ups and downs of your gas bill by offering the Budget Payment Plan (BPP).

How does this work?

With the Budget Payment Plan, we bill you a fixed amount each month based on your average annual gas usage. We simply look at your total gas usage for the most recent 12 months, normalize that amount for weather, and determine an estimated annual bill based on our current rates. We then divide this annual estimated bill by 12 to arrive at a monthly amount.

This monthly payment may be modified during the year to reflect changes in your household’s usage, abnormal weather conditions and whenever new rates approved by the Public Service Commission become effective.

In June, we recalculate your Budget Plan for the new year. At that time, we also “settle-up” your account by taking the difference between your budget payments and your actual charges for the budget year (over or under) in determining your monthly amount for the next budget year. Thousands of our customers are already enjoying the convenience of the Budget Payment Plan. If it sounds like a good idea for you, simply contact us at 1-800-834-2070. We’ll take it from there.

The Plan is optional

The Budget Payment Plan is optional. If you do enroll, you must make your payments on time to continue to stay on the plan and to avoid a late charge. You can cancel the Budget Payment Plan at any time. If you cancel this billing option, the actual account balance becomes due.

No extra cost

The Budget Payment Plan costs nothing extra. You pay only for the natural gas you use.